A Fellowship Of The Book
Living Faith is a ministry dedicated to teaching and preaching the good news from the one Book that is full of life. Jesus said that heaven and earth may pass away, but his words will never pass away.

On Saturday evenings we share the grace, peace, health and blessing that come from the Lord of the Book.

We are not a church you can "join" but we are here to provide ministry to those in need.
Frequently Asked Questions
We do typically have some music, but we are a Word focused ministry.
Normally about an hour and a half
Tom & Carolyn Lacheney are the ministry leaders.
No. We want you to tithe to the local congregation you normally attend
We are a church in the Bible definition (a group of called out believers), but we are not trying to build an organization or get "members."

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Saturday Night Church That You Cannot Join

A Place to come hear faith and grace filled messages to help you break free from the sin, sickness, sorrow and misery of this world, without any expectations except that we want to be a blessing.

Latest Sermon

Graham Cooke
This 8-book collection from Graham Cooke will help you through the lifelong process of understanding the depth of God’s love and kindness.
Dr. Lilian B. Yeomans
Joseph Prince
A great ministry for learning God's love and grace towards you.
A great ministry to teach you about healing and faith
A Ministry that will challenge you with the goodness of God and draw you to intimacy with the Father
A fantastic ministry for teaching you how to grow in faith
A wonderful source of materials designed to expand and stretch your thinking about God and Christianity.